Solar Tunnel Farm

Asteven International company limited is the global market leader in the construction and simulation designs of Solar Highway tunnels. Whenever a solar tunnel is on the ground, the concrete tunnel elements need to be sealed against water ingress. We have a First reference highway tunnel project in Sub-sahara Africa for which we have designed and supplied the sealing system.

The goal of our creativity and framework of a new tunnel design with complete off grid solution, is an independent energy tunnel and environmental friendly. However, our new design bring alot of benefits to the tunnel contractors to make them interested in implementation. To satisfy these requirements only the proven technologies are considered in zero energy tunnel concept.

However before we design, we put alot of details into consideration..

Energy subsystem: Provides energy for the high voltage equipment rooms Lighting: Includes tunnel lighting system.

Ventilation: Keeps the air quality within acceptable level and reduces smoke during fire situation.

Traffic installations: Includes different types of signals, signs, etc.

Fires distinguish subsystem: Includes pumping system

designed for fire situations

Communication installation: Includes security cameras and video surveillance systems, phone communications, etc.

Building service: Heating and cooling systems for data

rooms and office buildings.


First of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa: in a PPP setup, ASTEVEN Group is set to commission the first of a series of SOLAR FARM TUNNELS in Kwara State, Nigeria. 4 solar farm tunnels will provide a total capacity of 480 KW of power for over 2000 existing street lights and digital bill board for advertisement. On-going arrangement will enable the replication of the project in other Nigerian States or sub-Saharan African countries.

Off-grid independent Solar Highway tunnel is the first of it kind in Africa, AS Solar bringing Smart innovation tech to the African continent.