Product Design

Product innovation

Asteven Solar product innovation brings clean life style for everyone, the clean energy lifestyle innovative products are solar ready and feature easy installations for all AS Smart Solutions. All innovative product comes with recommendation and key feature to enhance the basic life of the common man.

Product purpose

  • Improving communities lacking access to electricity.
  • Upgrade to old applications as it comes with modern EE applications.
  • Enable indoor lighting and charging of phones and other small USB devices.
  • Paygo, this means everyone have access to acquire our product
  • A solar power outlet that can be installed on any tent structure.
  • The design is simple and cost-efective


AS Solar clean energy future is necessary not only for the climate, but also for local communities. Moving away from the current fossil fuel economy can make our communities healthier, reduce pollution, and create more and better jobs. It can take the burden off the backs of low-income communities. We ensure that our energy economy is one that works for everyone.