Product Design

Smart innovative designs inspire people, excite customers and deliver on your brand promise. As a leading product design we have strategically develop new products from ideation to realization as manufacture-ready designs. Our passion is to create compelling designs that improve Eco-friendly life and function beautifully for the people who use them. Asteven Solar ideation, design trend analysis, materials knowledge, modeling and prototyping, we draw on decades of experience to forge innovative solutions...

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Project Design

AS Solar is advancing the entire solar value chain by providing -leading solar energy solutions to customers around Africa. Smart energy solutions include packaged services throughout the entire solar power systems life-cycle from project development, design and engineering, project financing and investment, system components procurement, balance of system optimization, and project construction management through operations and maintenance.

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Asteven International Company limited is a leading engineering and construction company focusing on Small, Medium, Large scale solar facilities | Solar Design,  face to face consultation, inspections and suitability assessments and advice for you to consider.

As a full time technical partner to the Parent Company (ASTEVEN Group) we have always provide the following platform for solar projects. 1. Planning & Feasibility Services. 2. Conceptual Planning. 3. Engineering. 4. Designs & Construction Management Services. 5. Maintenance.


Our in-house solar experts bring advanced, innovative and cost-effective solutions to every project they engage in. We have one of the most knowledgeable PV project teams in the industry and have a proven track record of over 2.7 MW PV capacity installed in Nigeria. All our designs are optimized to achieve the highest returns and allow for efficient implementation. All projects comply with local requirements in electrical codes and safety standards, as well as applicable building codes and guidelines. We also resolve technical and regulatory challenges during the development and engineering stages, liaising with the responsible authorities and consulting with clients to achieve best value.


During the construction phase of solar projects we focus on ensuring budget and timelines are clearly defined and met. Our solar experts offer on-site inspection and supervision, detailed construction support and planning, project management and planning. We also manage contractors and the implementation of quality control and safety programs. Every supplier and construction partner we use needs to pass a stringent selection and accreditation process, and we follow a strict quality control management plan for every project. Our EPC capabilities provide you with peace of mind and our solution will deliver the best prices, incredible performance and exceptional all-round quality.


ASTEVEN Solar team ensures your PV projects are constructed cost effectively and operate flawlessly. By maintaining the solar plant operation, we ensure that your system continues to produce energy at maximum levels throughout the life span of the system and, more importantly, ensures your solar system continues to drive maximum Operation. We have a state-of-the-art monitoring facility in Nigeria that remotely oversees the operation of hundreds of Kilowatts installed in Nigeria and Africa homes, 24/7. In addition to monitoring, we offer various levels of maintenance, that ensure all our clients enjoy unparalleled confidence in their investment. And this is backed by ASTEVEN Solar Performance Warranty over the entire life span of the project.


ASTEVEN Solar team ensures your photo-voltaic projects are constructed cost effectively, operate flawlessly and can provide regular operation and maintenance for optimal power generation. In summary, the advantages of working with us are:

  1. One-stop solar service
  2. Meticulous technical service
  3. Financial strength
  4. Extensive knowledge base
  5. Valuable supply chain access
  6. Tier one quality standards


  1. Project engineering
  2. Performance optimization and cost reduction
  3. Procurement of SHS component and PV modules
  4. Site preparation and foundation and mounting structure
  5. Install module, DC & AC cabling
  6. Inverter and off-grid-connection
  7. Testing and commissioning (T&C)


  1. Operation and maintenance
  2. Technical inspection
  3. Real time monitoring (remote)
  4. Reporting (performance)