ASTEVEN Climate Finance Projects (CFP) is committed to protecting our environment by encouraging businesses, governmental organizations, commissions, schools and individual citizens to reduce their carbon emissions. Whether you would like your business to become carbon neutral, or concerned about your organizations carbon footprint, AS Climate finance can assist you.

AS – CFP offers consultancy and clean energy projects registration as this include

Carbon Footprint Calculations
Life Cycle Analysis
Carbon Offsetting / Carbon Credits

CFP understands these concerns and work closely with our clients to minimise their carbon footprint without significant impact to the business. Talk to us about how you can become part of the solution for climate change today!



AS Climate Finance helps hundreds of companies and organizations in Africa to measure, manage, and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by making a switch to carbon reduction technologies.

Stabilizing the global climate is one of the most urgent challenges in coming decades. Our warming world affects all people and ecosystems, particularly the poor who already suffer disproportionately from climate-change impacts. Climate finance involves flows of funds from developed to developing nations to help poorer countries to cut their emissions and adapt to climate change.