Ogun State, Nigeria

Smart PV Solutions for residential homes. Solar energy is environmental friendly, safe and in abundant supply. In addition, it is far better for the environment and can help offset energy costs. Asteven Solar offers home owners in many African countries, complete solar energy systems that cater to different building applications, with varying system sizes of 1.5 kW (GLH1500), 2.0 kW (GLH2000), 3.0 kW (GLH3000) to 20 kW (GLH20000). We also provide customized Smart PV Solutions for special requirements. Installing a residential solar power system is a great way to do the right thing for the environment and cut energy costs over the long term. In addition, ASTEVEN and GEFIL offer.

Small Medium Enterprises

ASteven solar SMEs series solutions for small, medium and large scale enterprises are available, using AS Solar Smart PAYGO solutions as a franchise to hit African Solar Markets. Solutions categories include: Solar Lanterns, Solar Lighting Kits, Smart Plug and play Systems, Smart Modulated kits, and Solar Kiosks Solutions. The SMEs Series kits covers a range which includes: 20W DC Kits, 50W DC Kits, 80W AC/DC Kits, 100W AC/DC Kits with Lithion (LiFePO4) batteries and included accessories such as LED Bulbs, Table and Standing Fans, 19 inch and 24 inch TV Sets. The Company also offer Smart Business Solutions (SBS Series).


Clean, Cost-effective, Reliable industrial energy turnkey solutions. We offer solutions for the provision of heat, cold, power as well as for water treatment and desalination. Thereby we cover a large share of the total energy demand in the medium power range, especially in the industrial sector. Heat - Solar thermal collectors can cover a large share of the heat demand. Especially the provision of process heating is interesting as it accounts for approximalety 70% of the industrial energy demand. Our Fresnel collector is optimized for industrial applications. It can provide heat of up to 400°C and generate steam directly.

Public Sector

AS Solar team has successfully created solar facilities and power purchase agreements that work for large energy users and new solar pioneers. From Ligthing, Roadways, Communities and powering social facilities, we have come a long way in working with public sector organizations whose energy needs vary widely. Asteven Solar has developed different smart energy concepts and solutions for African public sectors. Our public sector solar credentials include: Small, medium and large project expertise of Over 10 MW of solar in Sub-sahara Africa. GFIL Project financing or other sophisticated financing solutions Expert in off taker / PPA structures. We are fiercely committed to empowering public sector.